myPS3 : Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection

I've purchase "Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection" using my PlayStation 3 unit to access the Hong Kong PLAYSTATION Store. The price is HK$125 (thats P800 pesos ), and download it at 850MB (849,613KB) file size.

The game has high definition 3D graphics, with smooth animation at 60 frames per second, and the color plus lighting gives the realism of the game. The physics from the items, the flooring, and the background reacts very real when it hits by an object.

It has an ARCADE BATTLE, GHOST BATTLE, VERSUS BATTLE, GALLERY and OPTION. It also creates 2 save files such as the PLAY DATA and the CUSTOMIZED DATA. This game file of 850MB packs the whole game arcade, plus an opening movie, a game demo, score results and an end credits.

Inside the game, you can also buy items and costumes for your character customization, using your fight money. You can also buy movies and images of the game, and it will embed on the game data.

Now, I've been playing this game by the time I purchase it, and I find it awesome. Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection for the PLAYSTATION 3 is my start-up game for 2007. ^_^

19.5.09 08:42


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